Planning Ahead

The benefits of Pre-planning

There are many benefits of pre-planning a funeral. There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing all the important decisions regarding your funeral have been made as you want them. Pre-planning helps guide your family, who would otherwise have to make difficult decisions without your support. If you choose to additionally prepay, you can take responsibility for the financial aspects of your funeral. This will relieve your family of this expense at the time of your death.

Should you decide to pre-plan your funeral, it is important to plan the details of the type of service that best suits you. It is wise at this point to understand that while the funeral is about you, it is not for you. It is for those you are leaving behind and taking some time to consult with them may be prudent.

We have a dedicated team of pre-need specialists who are able to meet with you, either at one of our offices or in the privacy of your own home and regardless of whether you would prefer a traditional religious service with hymns and prayers, or a more contemporary, personalised service, your wishes can be arranged accordingly.

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Why Pre-plan?

Individual reasons for pre-planning a funeral will vary from family to family.
Some of the main reasons we have heard over the years are as follows:​
  • I want my personal wishes to be recorded and known to my family.
  • I do not want my family burdened with difficult decisions at a very difficult time.
  • I do not want my children burdened with the need to find funds for my funeral when the time comes.

  • ​My family live many hours drive away and none live locally.
  • I want the assurance that I have arranged everything so that all they need to do is ring the funeral director and the funeral director will arrange things accordingly.
  • I have no immediate family.
  • I want to ensure that my executor is aware of my wishes I have recently been diagnosed with a terminal condition.
  • I want to ensure all my wishes are noted and to help my family focus on the now, not the then.
  • ​I have been advised by my financial advisor that I may be entitled to increased pension benefits by taking out a prepaid funeral policy.
  • ​My family members are estranged. I need to plan my funeral and make my wishes known because I cannot rely on those who need to arrange the funeral at the time.
  • I want to pay for the funeral at todays prices knowing that the price of my funeral is fixed.
  • I have placed my parent in the care of a nursing home. They advised that I should make funeral arrangements as they are unable to keep her body for any length of time when the death occurs.​
  • I want to ensure my parents have plans in place if I am unable to return quickly.